Shade Trees
     Wetland Plants


     When it comes to recreational hunting, it can never hurt to invest in the health of the game you aim to hunt. When a hunter provides nutritional food plots within their hunting grounds, not only is the quality and size of the game improved, but the quantity and diversity may be improved too. Some especially excellent plants supporting deer include Sawtooth Oak, American Chestnut, Chinese Chestnut, Coral Berry, White Oak, Hydrangea bushes, dogwoods, and Forsythia. Any plants producing nuts or berries tend to be excellent plants for wild turkey.

    Boyd Nursery Company currently carries several plants suited to supporting wildlife populations. If you are interested in purchasing any species not listed below, please contact us for help in your search. The plants listed below are varieties Boyd Nursery Company has in stock. For more information on pricing, availability, and characteristics of each plant, please follow the links below. Also, please check out our other sites on wildlife plots for more information on planting procedures and techniques.