Shade Trees
     Wetland Plants


    Evergreen conifers often conjour images of Christmas trees and snow covered mountains of the northern hemisphere; however, there are a variety of coniferous evergreens that provide excellent shade, privacy borders, and year round color to your landscaping projects and home. Some particularly notable evergreen conifers families include pines, cedars, hemlocks, junipers, spruces, and cypress trees.

    Boyd Nursery Company currently carries a limited variety of evergreen conifers. If you are interested in purchasing any species not listed below, please contact us for help in your search. The plants listed below are varieties Boyd Nursery Company has in stock. For more information on pricing, availability, and characteristics of each plant, please contact us.

  • White Pine 'Pinus strobus'
  • Virginia Pine 'Pinus virginiana'
  • Norway Spruce 'Picea abies'
  • Colorado Blue Spruce 'Picea pungens'
  • Canadian Hemlock 'Tsuga canadensis'
  • Eastern Red Cedar 'Juniperous virginiana'