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    The phrase, 'broadleaf evergreen,' denotes a wide variety of both trees and shrubs. While everyone is familiar with the meaning of "evergreen," the term 'broad' refers to the shape and size of the plant leaves. While many evergreens sport needle-like leaves and cones, broadleaf evergreens have large, wide leaves that typically survive throughout the winter, from one season to the next. Broadleaf evergreens are typically found in several shapes and sizes across the world. Many serve as excellent natural windbreaks and privacy screens. Some notable broadleaf evergreens trees include magnolias and hollies. Some broadleaf evergreens, such as Southern Magnolia, make excellent shade trees given adequate time to mature and offer color to landscapes throughout the year.

    Boyd Nursery Company currently carries several varieties of broadleaf evergreens. If you are interested in purchasing any tree or shrub not listed below, please contact us for help in your search. The plants listed below are varieties Boyd Nursery Company has in stock. For more information on pricing, availability, and characteristics of each plant, please follow the links below.