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    Here at Boyd Nursery Company, we pride ourselves on maintaining the legacy of our family by providing quality trees and shrubs at the best prices. Our family started growing trees in 1887 and we've learned that quality in stock and service always comes first when conducting business. Our nursery specializes in the growth and propagation of Japanese Maples, Hollie trees/shrubs, and Magnolia trees; however, at Boyd Nursery we are proud to be able to offer most all types of trees, shrubs, and groundcovers to meet your needs. Since we grow and propagate more than 80% of our plant stock, we feel we have become active participants in the fight to reduce carbon emmisions caused from highway transport. We also are pleased to offer the new cultivar of the ’Sweetbay’ Magnolia we call ’Sweet Thing’™ Magnolia. Devoloped by George Dodson of Sleepy Hollow Nursery and Fernando Campbell Boyd, III of Boyd Nursery Company, the new cultivar is patented and available for wholesale and retail quantities. So please feel free to browse our selection of plants through the links located on the left side of the page to find the perfect plant for your home, garden, or retail needs. Our long experience gives us complete familiarity with plant materials, their use and requirements, which should be of great value to you in the purchase of nursery stock.